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Roof Types

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Roof Types


There are two basic roof types used in the South Florida, Port St Lucie, Palm City, Stuart, Jupiter and the Palm BeachReal estate markets: While a Hip Roof may be more aestically appealing, often times insurance discounts are granted for hip roof systems.


While most engineers and builders along the South Florida , Port St. Lucie, Palm City, Stuart, Jupiter and the Palm Beach consider strength and cost parameters to evaluate these two most common types of roofs, architects view the roofs as part of their design vocabulary and lately it has been popular to have the main mass of the house topped with a hip roof, with smaller gables added onto entry porches, dormers, and garages as a kind of embellishment for the home. In these instances a house has an intersecting gable and hip roof. The hip roof would be in the back and main part of the house whereas the gable roof would be protruding from the garage. Most of these homes will require a special design by an architect or a licensed engineer.




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Hip End Roof



Hip roofs have four roof planes, and or sides, which connect on the corners of each side of the roof to the walls. A typical hip roof will have two triangle roof sections on shorter sides and trapezoid roof sections on longer sides of the roof. A square hip roof will have 4 triangular sides, and will represent a perfect pyramid. Because of its aerodynamic and construction techniques this type of roof seems to be more desirable in South Florida because they perform much better in windstorms.  A Hip roof could be more labor intensive to build but is more wind-resistant in a storm.

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Gable End


A Gable roof is a two sloped roof. It has the appearance of an “A,” or is sometimes described as an open book, turned upside down. Gable roofs are installed over a truss that goes across the frame of the house, with triangular sides that slopes to a peak. The trusses are based diagonally for support. For some homeowners a Gable roof is less desirable in South Florida because the end walls have full exposure to high winds.  If a Gable roof is not properly braced the triangle shaped “gable end” is prone to collapse in a hurricane forced wind.  The South Florida building code was last modified in 2002 to help protect homes from hurricane damage. Gable roofs built prior to these codes were not always braced properly during construction and were more likely to suffer damage in high winds.




Be sure to use one of the following construction techniques to strengthen the structure of your home if it was built before 2002 and has gable end walls. You will need to use full-height studs, concrete or solid masonry walls from the floor below all the way up to the roof. Gable roofs usually have a hinge that exists where the triangular part of the gable sits on top of the wall below, so a house with balloon-framed gable end walls perform better in windstorms. Brace the intersection of the gable and the end wall. These intersections are weak points and those that are not properly braced can collapse. This will cause major damage to the roof, allowing wind and rain to seep in. If the end wall is not framed to full height in homes with attics, an attic floor or ceiling diaphragm with the proper bracing techniques will need to be used to provide a more stable lateral support. Install bracing using metal hurricane connectors to connect the gable end to the top of the end wall.



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